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One of my first ways I connected with Spirit Guides was through books that authors had channeled. I love connecting with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) through books. Mary Magdalene and Yeshua share such a profound feeling of unconditional love and warmth which radiates through their words and messages. Their words hold you in an eternal embrace of love and positivity.

Here are a few of my favorite books channeled from Yeshua/Jeshua and Mary Magdalene:

Heart Centered Living: Messages Inspired by Christ Consciousness by Pamela Kribbe

Books by Mercedes Kirkel:

Dialogues with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: The Journey to Love

Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love

But what if we don’t feel light and love? This is an essential question because this practice isn’t about assuming a Pollyanna-like disposition and acting in ways that aren’t authentic. Mary isn’t advocating suppression. She says when we’ve lost our connection to light and love, the first step is to simply notice it. Notice if the mind is full of thoughts, if the heart is closed, or if they body is tight. She then explains how to shift the body/mind state. We can engage our feelings to open the heart. We can consciously relax to open the body. And we can breathe deeply and fully to clear the mind.

When we do this, Mary tells us that we’ll notice what’s at the root of our disconnection from light and love. Our thought-filled mind, closed heart, and tight body were all blocking something, like clouds occluding the sun. When we open through feeling, relaxing, breathing, we connect with the underlying layer. There, we will usually find some kind of emotional pain: we’re either hurt or scared or sad.

The next step is critical. Once we notice and feel our pain, we can ask God to take it and direct us from there. This is what Mary calls surrender, which she says isn’t about losing or being defeated. It’s about reconnecting with God. We give up our resistance to God. We give up our shutting off, tightening down, and closing away from God. We let go of our contraction away from pain and choose instead to open to it. And through that, we open to life and God (Kirkel, p. 170).

As my experience with the Spirit Guides deepened, I came across the books channeled from the Pleiadians by Eva Marquez. Both books offer in-depth perspective about our Soul’s journey over time. Jeshua also explains our Soul journey in Heart Centered Living, and the Pleiadians explain this journey and the Soul collective’s journey in great detail in these books. The books are available only on Kindle.

The Pleiadian Code: The Great Soul Rescue and Pleiadian Code 2: Cosmic Love

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