Releasing Inherited Family Trauma and Remembering Our Loved Ones as Sources of Unconditional Love

We can feel the well of infinite divine love so readily between ourselves and grandparents. The connection between a grandparent and grandchild can be inspiring and life altering. Such was the relationship I had and have with my maternal grandmother. My grandmother inspired me with her bravery, resilience, intelligence, humanitarianism, intuitive wisdom and Soul presence. 

And, yet, there was also a lot of dark energy in our family line. The family energy was heavy with the pain of abuse and violence, incarceration, murders, misogyny and more. My grandmother came to bring her light to the situation. She had experienced deep pain and destruction in a past life as a Cherokee and came again to a dark situation to bring her own light presence to the situation to heal the family energy line and to heal her Soul wounds from the past life.

She was like glue holding the family love energy together, but she suffered greatly and had many energy blocks and traumas carried in her body and energy field. Her children and grandchildren also came to heal the family line and also suffered from the family energy. Family pain affects us on a deep energetic level – making our hearts and the rest of our body heavy with pain. 

In inherited family trauma, we often unconsciously carry the pain of our family members because energy mimics energy. We also feel an unconscious loyalty to our family members even if this means carrying negative energy. This may look like someone having a mentality that they do not deserve financial abundance because other family members are not wealthy or suffered from poverty. It may look like sabotaging relationship because family members suffered in close personal relationships. In order to heal our unconscious loyalties, we can first look at the negative patterns in our lives and set an intention to understand why and what is at the root cause of these negative patterns. We can work with our Spirit Guides to understand our mental and emotional blocks and the root cause of patterns we would like to change.

Sometimes we also need to change the image of family members in our mind, because when we remember them we see and/or feel their negative energy blocks. For instance, I had done a lot of energy healing work with energy I carried from my grandmother. In the latest healing, I had felt knots of pain in my back that felt like a dagger and I had trouble figuring out what was causing the stuck emotions. After asking my Spirit Guides about the origin of the pain, they said I was holding onto an emotion that was my grandmothers. I had attempted to help her by holding onto that pain point of hers, but I wasn’t helping myself or her by doing that. So, I asked Source to release the pain which was my grandmother’s, and the pain knot was released. 

Afterward, I continued to scan my memory of my grandmother’s energy field when she was on Earth. But at that point I was just retransmitting her energy blocks into my mind’s eye and energy field. I tuned into my grandmother’s Soul and she said some very powerful words. She told me to remember and connect with her as she is now, pure Soul energy. So, instead of replaying the image of her energy blocks, place the image of her Soul presence in my mind and see her as the bright, loving Soul that she is. 

By doing this, I can release her old blocks from my mind and connect with a presence of unconditional love.